Nazca – Paracas Full Day

Nazca offers you as a destination a unique place in the world, full of mystery and mysticism, marvelous traces of immense figures and Lines, of spectacular perfection, on a desert plain, the work of a very ancient Peruvian civilization.

Tourism in this area is associated to the Nazca Lines and Palpa Lines, only visible in overflights by light aircraft and the visit to archaeological centers, especially Cahuachi.

Paracas is an ideal destination for those interested in nature, ancient civilizations, birdwatchers, lovers of water sports, adventures in the desert and relaxation, unmissable views of the Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas Islands.

ITINERARY:  Tour Paracas and Nazca Full Day

Daily Departures

  • 03:45 a.m. Departure from Lima to Paracas with Cruz del Sur bus
  • 07:30 am. Arrival to the city of Paracas and transfer to the private jetty to take the tours to the Ballestas Islands, where is the most important wildlife sanctuary of the Peruvian Coast. Guided tour by boat to the Ballestas Islands, where we can observe sea lions, boobies, pelicans, penguins and other marine birds. Both on the way out and on the return we will have the opportunity to see the “Candelabro”, a gigantic figure of unknown origin, of the style of the Nazca Lines, drawn in the sand on the side of a hill.
  • 10:30 a.m. Departure to the City of Nazca with bus Cruz del Sur
  • 2:30 p.m. Arrival to the city of Nazca and transfer to the airfield where we will have a video about the Nazca Lines
  • Overflight to the Nazca Lines (35 minutes approx.)
  • 16:30 pm. Departure to the city of Lima with bus Cruz del Sur
  • 23:50 pm. Arrival in the city of Lima.

Includes :

  • Bus tickets Lima / Paracas / Nazca / Lima with Cruz del Sur.
  • Transfers in / out in Paracas and Nazca.
  • Tour to the Ballestas Islands and overflight to Nazca Lines from Nazca airport.
  • Guided professional in Spanish or English.
  • Taxes and airport taxes.
  • Optional: Travel Assistance Insurance AXA.